10 Amazing Muslims Touched By God

Eternally amazing!

10 real-life experiences about faith in Allah, the Qur’an, and amazing encounters with the God of Abraham.

Ten Amazing Muslims is a compilation of stories representing a vast demographic of Muslims—from Jihadists to peaceful leaders and humble Bedouins to... Read More


The Political Spirit

Then He charged them, saying,
“Take heed, beware of the leaven of the Pharisees and of Herod” (Mark 8:15).
•    Jesus warned against it.
•    Machiavelli made no excuses for it.
•    Herod built his empire on it.
... Read More


Destiny of Islam In The Endtimes

Understanding God's Heart For The Muslim People

In the midst of world-wide terrorist attacks and ominous threats from what has been called the “Evil Empire”, Faisal Malick brings a message of hope and understanding about a largely misunderstood people. In his book Destiny of Islam,... Read More


Here Comes Ishmael

The Kairos Moment for the Muslim People

In Greek, time is divided into Chronos & Kairos. Man only knows time as Chronos (Linear time) and measures it. God knows time as Kairos and destines it. Today 1.6 Billion Muslims stand at centre stage while the world watches and wonders. Israel warns of... Read More


Positioned To Bless

Secrets to Fulfilling Your Divine Assignment

This book is a response from God’s heart to the cry of millions of people, gifted yet frustrated, anointed yet isolated stuck living in the shadows yet called to live in the light. It uncovers ancient kingdom strategies that will reposition you... Read More


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