10 Amazing Muslims Touched By God

Faisal Malick

Living a Supernatural Life
As a faithful Muslim born in Pakistan, I believed that Allah sent many prophets, the final one being Muhammad whom Muslims follow and to whom God gave the Qur’an, which was the only book from... More Details

Akef Tayem

My Quest for Spiritual Truth
I was born in Haifa, Israel. After the partitioning of Palestine, Haifa became part of the newly created state of Israel. Being a proud Muslim, my father refused to live in Israel. So, I was the last... More Details

Khalida Wukawitz

Sold to the Bedouins, Bought by the King
When the Six-Day War broke out in Israel on June 6, 1967, my mother was pregnant with me. She was injured in the war, and a cousin came and moved her from Gaza to Bethlehem, where a few days later... More Details

Hamdi Erman

God is Light
I was born and raised in Ankara, Turkey. My family was Muslim and my father taught me about Islamic religion. Even as a child I was really focused on my practice of Islam.  When I was in... More Details

Jaafar Attaran

Show Me the Way
I was born into a Shiite Muslim family in the south of Iran. All my relatives are believers in Islam and the teachings of Muhammad, Islam’s prophet. I grew up with the same belief as my family,... More Details

Kamal Saleem

Jihad to Freedom
I had a dream as a child. I was dressed in the long white shorts Muslim children wear and was riding on a white horse. In each arm I held a double-edged sword. In front of me stood the enemies of... More Details

Güçlü Corey Erman

Deliverance from Demons and Drugs
As a young boy raised in a Muslim family in Ankara, Turkey, I had a great hunger for the things of God. Even as a child I wanted to know about God. I practiced Islam as I was taught, praying five... More Details

Mohammad Sayedzadeh

My Heart Thirsts for Almighty God
I was in my teens when the revolution happened in my country of Iran. With all that was taking place, I developed a fascination for Islam that I already knew. I had been brought up in the mosque. My... More Details

Steven Masood

Buried Alive and Left for Dead
Like many Muslims, my parents believed that Islam covered the whole sphere of one's life: religious, social, and political. I was raised to believe the same. Like other Muslim children, at about six... More Details

Cimil and Isil Akbulut

Show Me the Way
My parents died when I was a child so I was raised by my older brother. When I was nine years of age, he used to take me to the mosque for Namaz, to pray five times a day in the Islamic tradition. He... More Details


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