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Your book is phenomenal. I am a Christian since birth, and I do practice my Christianity, however your book enlightened me somehow about Islam and it deepened my belief in Jesus. May God bless you and support you in this rewarding mission.

First of all, I would like to thank everyone who shared their stories with us in this book. I am already a Christian who believes in Jesus, but the stories I just read touched my heart and strengthened my faith even more. I received this book a week ago and when I first saw it I was wondering how it even got into my mailbox. Then I saw the title "10 Amazing Muslims Touched By God". I took the book and placed it on my computer table asking myself why I would want to read anything about Muslims, but each time I tried to use my computer to study, this book kept showing up so I finally picked it up yesterday (2/2/13) and began to read it. To my surprise,when I started reading the book I couldn't put it down because the stories kept touching my heart one after the other and I began to cry as I kept reading some of the stories of how Jesus Himself appeared to you guys. When I finally put the book down, I was so amazed that I began calling family and friends to tell them what I just read and to my surprise, one of my friends told me she also received the book in her mail I told her go read it. MY NAME IS HANNAH SHEREF AND I AM SO GRATEFUL THAT I RECEIVED THIS BOOK AND EXPERIENCED THE SAME ENCOUNTER THAT YOU GUYS HAD WITH JESUS, OUR LORD AND SAVIOR. THANK YOU FOR YOUR STORIES.

I am an 11-year-old Christian. Your book was sent to us by mistake. After looking at the cover I was immediately interested. My parents have been trying to get me to read more non-fiction Christian books so when I got your book i knew that i had to read it. My favorite chapter is Chapter 4, Sold to the Bedouins, Bought by the King. After reading it I told my family what an amazing book it is. My mom is reading it to my brother and sister. After reading your book I realized that God does not only appear to Christians but appears when you open your heart to Him. I also realized how much Muslims and people of other religions need God.

I am a Christian who is married to a Shia Muslim. Your book arrived at our house addressed to my husband a few days ago. When I saw it, the first words off my lips were "Thank You, God." His name is Mohammad*, please pray that he will read it and come to know Christ. Thank you that God works through Canada Post.

Excellent outreach and brilliant way of presenting it on this site. I've just sent the link to the "Meet the People" section to many Muslim friends... will send their names along on your prayer site... Massive blessings and continued inspiration to you!

I received your book in my mailbox... For one moment I almost tore it up, thinking this was Muslim propaganda. Then I searched a little deeper. I plan to give this book to a Muslim that I work with. Hopefully she will get saved. Hopefully your organization will reach many of these people for Christ.

I've been reading your book, "10 Amazing Muslims Touched by God" and I must say am really happy that the Lord is in your life. I myself am a Christian and I know the Lord is amazing at touching people's hearts.

I received your book in the mail today, and have not been able to put it down. It truly is an amazing book. I'm Lebanese and practice Christianity. It seems to be, based from the letter that the book accompanied that you are aiming to reach the Muslim population. I'm grateful to have received it... Thanks, and God bless you for spreading the WORD through real testimonies.

Dear Faisal, thank you so much for your wonderful book. I could not put it down! I'd actually given it to my husband after having seen you with Sid Roth. My husband has yet to read it. But just now I sent a recommendation of it to the Telegraph after reading Christopher Howse's article "Can Muslims Pray with Christians?" in today's paper.

I am a Christian, Egyptian. I read the book today. I am so happy that you guys came back to Jesus, and with you and by you, we are very happy. The book is really amazing.

This book is encouraging and filled with truth. The stories told are expressed with such detail, to the point where I felt each story and actually saw myself in the story with the person. As a believer in Jesus Christ I learned a lot about Muslim beliefs and have more clarity and understanding of the hardships and difficulties that they face daily with family and friends. I have always respected the Muslims around me, but now, I feel as if I know them. Thank you brothers and sisters for writing this book. Glory be to God!

Thank you so much for writing this wonderful book, Faisal. I read it in 2 days and I am starting to read it again. It was so inspiring!

What can I say about Faisal Malick's book 10 Amazing Muslims Touched By God? It not only ripped my heart open, but it completely wrecked me! I felt the closeness of God while reading it, and felt like I was there when the 10 Muslims experienced their encounter with The God Who Loves. This isn't just a book to share with Muslim friends, it's a miracle-filled devotional... As Faisal says: "The full extent of this book is to testify of God's love and mercy which is available to all humankind." I was deeply touched by Steven Masood's stories of how he escaped an honor killing and then was saved a second time after being buried alive! I just mentioned this to whet your appetite. YOU HAVE TO GET THIS BOOK AND THEN PRAY FOR SOMEONE TO SHARE IT WITH. Then buy another copy, and do the same. These are stories from 10 people that come from varied backgrounds, yet were blown away by the same God. -excerpt from Amazon review

This book is about how God revealed Himself to the Muslims, through dreams, visions and other means. God is faithful and will reveal Himself to us and our families also.

I cried so much reading the book. Human beings should not suffer so much in vain. This book will be a blessing to all mankind in search for freedom.

This book has definitely changed me. Reading the stories of these ten amazing muslims has opened my eyes. Every story was told in such a way that I could almost sense the problems these people were facing and that each and everyone of them came out on the other side. Very, very fascinating. I love this book and I highly recommend it.

This book contains incredible stories of people who had encounters with God that we don't often hear happening about the Muslim people. I love the way the book provided riveting details like I was witnessing the events happening. I had no doubt while reading people's testimonies that these were indeed true encounters with the living God! I believe no one who had no knowledge of Jesus, much less faith in Him, could make up these stories nor openly share them with others unless they were true. The commentary at the end of each chapter helps readers understand where the person in the story is coming from and how the touch of God has radically changed his or her life.

I could only get through one chapter at a time. I had to stop and think with every story. Each story is real, not fiction. To think of what Muslims go through and how the fingerprint of God is so evident in their lives. It is not about religion, it is about the God who loves people! I recommend this book to anyone who is searching for God and not a religion, who knows religion but needs God. It is an easy read; my heart has been changed forever. Thank you for writing this book and being so vulnerable about your lives, I know it comes with a price and does not go unnoticed.

The message of the book is clear: God loves the Muslims so much that He would choose to reveal Himself to them through dreams, visions and supernatural encounters. "10 Amazing Muslims Touched By God" will definitely touch you if you are a Muslim. And if you have Muslim friends, get them a copy of this book. This book is timely because there is so much negativity surrounding Muslims, especially in media these days, that you would think they were the enemy. They are not. God doesn't think so. They are God's children through Abraham, just as Jews and Christians are. I have a lot of Muslim friends and they are beautiful, loving people. And they are hungry for God the Father.