What can I say about Faisal Malick's book 10 Amazing Muslims Touched By God? It not only ripped my heart open, but it completely wrecked me! I felt the closeness of God while reading it, and felt like I was there when the 10 Muslims experienced their encounter with The God Who Loves. This isn't just a book to share with Muslim friends, it's a miracle-filled devotional... As Faisal says: "The full extent of this book is to testify of God's love and mercy which is available to all humankind." I was deeply touched by Steven Masood's stories of how he escaped an honor killing and then was saved a second time after being buried alive! I just mentioned this to whet your appetite. YOU HAVE TO GET THIS BOOK AND THEN PRAY FOR SOMEONE TO SHARE IT WITH. Then buy another copy, and do the same. These are stories from 10 people that come from varied backgrounds, yet were blown away by the same God. -excerpt from Amazon review