Understanding God's Heart For The Muslim People

In the midst of world-wide terrorist attacks and ominous threats from what has been called the “Evil Empire”, Faisal Malick brings a message of hope and understanding about a largely misunderstood people. In his book Destiny of Islam, Malick gives the history and the backdrop of the present Islamic system, showing how God is opening doors to sharing the Gospel with this once unreachable nation.


Faisal Malick has heard from Heaven about God’s plan for Muslims. Christianity will change its worldview of Islam!

- Sid Roth
Host, It’s Supernatural!

Recently, the focus for worldwide prayer shifted to the Muslim world. For us to be effective in focusing in prayer, I had to ask the Lord to bring new contacts with new insight into our lives. My path was graced with Faisal Malick and the book, The Destiny of Islam in the Endtime. This book will bring the best understanding of the concept of Islam, Ishmael, Esau, and terrorism. If you want to understand the most mysterious and misunderstood portion of the world, this book is a must read! The Destiny of Islam in the Endtime brings a full comprehension of the Muslim cry that originated through the bondwoman, Hagar. This is a cry that says, “I need to be recognized, identified, and loved.” This is a book that could change the course of the generation that is rising and affect the course of the world in this season.

- Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion International Ministries, Inc., President
Global Harvest Ministries, Harvest Watchman

With amazing insight, Faisal Malick lifts our perspective higher into God’s purposes in his timely book The Destiny of Islam in the Endtime. Revelation flows…Scriptures unfold…and God’s heart is revealed as you partake of the pages in your hands. The kairos time has come for the Islamic veil to be pierced and a great end-time harvest of souls to be welcomed in. This book will help pave the way!

- James W. Goll
Encounters Network

The Western mind, for the most part, does not comprehend the vast world of Muslim thought, or the history of Islam. Faisal Malick has with great skill, love, and compassion, opened to us the inner workings of this world of thought and religion. From the genesis of Islam to present Muslim thought, Faisal writes so all can understand God’s love for all humanity and desire to connect these dear people with the Lord Jesus Christ.

This book has helped me set aside preconceived judgments and realize that Muslims are a people hungry for truth, love, and understanding.

- Rev. Norm Maclaren
Vice President, Ministry
Crossroads Christian Communications

Faisal Malick’s book not only brings amazingly clear understanding into the dynamics of Islam, but it also imparts a burden into the heart of the reader, as well as a love for the Muslim people. You will experience a major paradigm shift in your view of this precious people, and possibly conviction and repentance, as you see them through the eyes of God’s destiny for them.

- Steve Shultz
Founder, The ElijahList,
ElijahRain Magazine, and Prophetic TV

The Destiny of Islam in the Endtime rocked my world when I read it. The book is full of revelatory insight from the Father’s heart regarding the largest unreached people group in the world today. Faisal Malick helps us gain understanding, increase in love, and answer the call to action.

- Patricia King
Extreme Prophetic 

Terrorists! Muslims! Arabs! For many in the Christian world these three groups are all thrown into one set—enemies to be avoided. But to the God of Heaven who loves the world and sent His Son to die for all, these are people to be loved. As you read this book, be prepared to also receive a call from the Lord to do something. The Lord has been speaking to me about the Muslim people from many sources, including dreams and prophetic words. When I read this book, my heart leapt with joy because I gained clarity about God’s plan to reach the whole world. And I now know that I have a part to play in this drama of the endtimes—and I intend to fulfill it. My life was deeply impacted by Faisal Malick’s work The Destiny of Islam in the Endtime.

- Rich Marshall
Author, God@Work (Vol.1 & 2)

The Destiny of Islam in the Endtime helped me to differentiate between “radical Islam” and the descendants of Ishmael. Faisal Malick brings hope to any Christian who has deemed the Muslim people too difficult to reach with the Gospel. His testimony is exciting, his faith inspirational, and his vision revolutionary. The Destiny of Islam has renewed my burden and love for all of Abraham’s children. I highly recommend this book.

- Dr. Ron Burgio
President, Elim Fellowship
Sr. Pastor, Love Joy Gospel Church

Written by a Muslim-turned-Christian, this book is more than it seems on the surface. It touches a nerve in the corporate heart of both Christianity and Islam. It is a sobering look at what will certainly be a growing concern in the days ahead. It requires the Church that Jesus is building to become all God intends her to be so she might accomplish all God intends her to do. Our only hope is a heart fixed on Jesus and discernment resting in His Spirit. This book is absolutely essential reading for the serious believer.

- Don Nori, Sr.
Destiny Image Publisher